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    Pipe Relining in Hawthorn

    While most plumbing pipes of good quality are robust and built to last for many years, there are times when they deteriorate, become affected by climatic conditions, overuse, and neglect. In all of these situations, you must get the pipes repaired before further damage occurs. We offer high-quality pipe relining in Hawthorne to residential and commercial clients.

    As a company with more than 25 years of experience in this industry, Hawthorne Local Plumber has the licensing, skills knowledge, and resources to handle all types of pipe repairs.

    Professional Pipe Relining in Hawthorne Services

    Since drain pipes are under the ground, damage to them is not very evident until there is a significant backup of sewage in the house. However, digging up the entire landscaping to fix the damaged pipe can prove to be too costly and disruptive as well. There was a time when this was the only solution to fix the pipe under the ground. This is no longer the case, and we use pipe relining in Hawthorne in most of these projects.

    What Is Hawthorne Pipe Relining?

    It is one of the best and most reliable solutions for fixing drainage pipe problems, and this is the process we follow:

    • We dig two small trenches at either end of the impacted pipe.
    • The experts insert a CCTV camera into the pipe to determine what is causing the blockage.
    • We then clear the pipe entirely.
    • An epoxy sleeve will be inserted into it. This epoxy sleeve will form the lining within the existing pipe after it sets for a few hours.
    • This particular technology is covered by a 50-year warranty and is one of the most resilient ways of rebuilding a pipe without actually replacing it. The technique can be used for lining pipes in the range of 50mm-150mm diameter.

    For any more information about our pipe relining Hawthorne services, please call Hawthorne Local Plumber at 0488 849 029. You can also request a quote through this form, and one of our team members will contact you shortly. You can also book a service online through this form.

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